macom® is the leading provider of quality compression garments supplying to cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors in London, throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, and the rest of the world. macom® garments are ideal for post surgical healing, caesarean healing, postnatal healing, slimming, and for ultimate bodyshaping.

All macom® post surgical compression garments are manufactured with medical grade compression and are double-skinned in the crucial areas to provide the maximum benefits of compression.

macom® post surgical compression garments are available for both men and women and include: surgical brasgynecomastia vests, liposuction girdles and corsets, post surgical shorts, facelift masks, and abdominoplasty garments, arm compression sleeves, compression leggings, compression socks, caesarean knickers, and much more.

macom® is at the cutting edge of the aesthetics market by adopting Smart Textile technology in the manufacturing process as exemplified by their much lauded anti cellulite CRYSTALSMOOTH® range.

Practical tips on how to speed up your recovery and optimise your results.


Our aim with this blog is to empower women who are making the important and often life-changing decision to undergo cosmetic breast surgery by providing them with valuable information and practical tips for every stage of their journey, from the planning phase through to ensuring a smooth and optimal recovery.