Compression, and it’s application, has evolved over the years to become an essential part of the post-surgery healing process, and is now viewed as essential following an operation. Surgeons, clinics, and hospitals unanimously encourage patients to wear a compression garment following their surgery in order to provide targeted support, minimise bruising, alleviate swelling, and a secondary measure to reduce the risk of complications and speed up the recovery process.

The main purpose of post-surgery compression is to improve skin recovery and maintain a consistent external pressure on deep tissues to lessen the chances of common post-surgery complications. Because patients are ultimately concerned with achieving desired results, continual external pressure keeps the skin smooth and evenly compressed, minimizing the chances of sagging and the formation of unwanted creases. With consistent and evenly distributed pressure, the skin is given the necessary support required to heal naturally. It also helps to relieve the pain after the procedure. 

Most surgeons require that patients wear a compression garment for a certain length of time after liposuction, usually 6 to 8 weeks. Such garments are intended to provide continuous postoperative compression to areas treated by liposuction.

A good compression garment will be taut and snug, but not too tight.

The type of compression wear that you choose or is given to you will largely depend on the procedure that you underwent, and may cover an area that extends well beyond the actual surgical site.

The following are some of the best compression garments for after lipo:

  • Girdles with shorts — These extend from from the thigh to the abdomen, just below breast. Both legs pass through the girdle, giving the appearance of extremely high waisted shorts. 

Girdle with legs

side fastening girdle

You can find the best compression garments for after lipo at the macom online shop.

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