macom compression advantages

All  Medical compression garments are composed of medical grade compression materials, are 100% latex-free and hypoallergenic, have outward facing seams to avoid any rubbing on the skin, and are double-skinned for maximum benefit and protection. Therefore, there are generally a number of  product options that could be suitable for a range of purposes. We have highlighted a few variables to consider to tailor the compression garment to your needs.


The choice between similar garments often amounts to personal preference of fit or specific needs based on the procedure you are having or your particular body shape. For example, if you have just undergone a surgical procedure, you may find that a garment that has eye hook fastenings is easier to put on or take off than a garment without hooks that pulls on. (For this reason also,  does not offer items with zippers that can break, pucker the fabric, or cause irritation.) Garments with the double set of eye hooks also allow extra adjustability within each size, as you can fasten the eye hooks tighter at some places and looser at others for ultimate precision of fit.

Another variable to consider is if your specific procedure will result in a scar/incision in a particular area. A selection of garments are available with the fastenings at different locations (i.e. hooks going down the front like the 2004 versus hooks that fasten down the side like 2003 so that you can choose a garment that offers ultimate compression comfort for that area. Similarly, you may want to consider a body compression garment with a bra attached if you are having upper abdominal work done so that the target area will receive full, uninterrupted coverage.


Garments with shoulder straps, such as the 2034 (a high waist compression girdle with shorts), are ideal for keeping the garment in place to prevent any rubbing against sensitive areas. This style of garment also allows you to wear your own bra, which some people prefer if, for example, they have an especially large bra/cup size.

High waist compression girdle with shorts


Everyday care

Particularly for post surgery use, we recommend purchasing two garments so that you can have one to wash and one to wear, in order to maintain continuous benefits of compression. You may experience some bleeding and fluid leakage following surgery, so having an extra clean garment available will improve your comfort and hygiene. On average, many surgeons will recommend that you wear the garment at least four to six weeks post surgery. Because  compression garments are uniquely engineered to offer maximum, sustained compression, it is ideal to wash them by hand in cool water and to allow them to air dry.


Everyday Care

Many people wear compression garments for everyday use to enjoy the constant benefits of cellulite smoothing, appearance of a slimmer waistline, gynecomastia compression, lymphatic drainage, circulation support, and prevention of varicose veins and DVT. For specific medical, pregnancy, postnatal, and post surgery use please consult your surgeon, GP, and/or midwife for personal advice regarding how soon you should wear the garment after your procedure and additional information on compression garment use relevant to your individual condition.  Medical is a distributor, not a medical care provider.


In general, the garment should fit snugly to offer the most benefit of compression. The use of compression garments post surgery is an effective way to reduce throbbing pain associated with healing; they should never cause pain. If your garment is not the correct size or suitable to your needs and therefore causes any pain, discontinue wearing the garment immediately.

Medical offers a friendly exchange / return to give you every opportunity to find the perfect garment for you. It is always a good idea to try on the garment before a scheduled procedure to get a good idea if it is best for your body type, as well as consulting with your surgeon on the specific areas he/she wants to have covered by compression. Similarly, it is always in your best interest to discuss fitting issues with your GP, midwife, etc. depending on your individual needs.


Our size chart is available as a guide for you to select the best size. Specifically, the post surgery bras are very easy to fit as they correspond simply to your bra/back size; ‘s signature design feature is fully expandable cups that conform to your new cup size following surgery. Thus, the compression is targeted appropriately surrounding the cups and throughout the back. Our post surgical bra, the Signature bra, with additional adjustability in the straps tends to be the surgeon’s favourite.

post surgical bra

For other post surgery compression garments, we recommend that you base your size choice on your current measurements. Although you are obviously going to lose some body fat following most of these procedures, you are likely to have some swelling post surgery that counterbalances this in terms of sizing. Also keep in mind that compression garments fit very snugly to begin with, and there is a component of elastane and sets of adjustable eye hooks which will automatically and easily help tailor the garment to fit your shape.

In some cases, your surgeon may suggest that you purchase a compression insert to wear against your skin underneath the garment. Essentially, the insert acts like a ‘second skin’ to prevent any ripple in the garment and secure ultimate, compact compression. The inserts are one size fits all.


It is our pleasure to provide quality medical grade compression garments fit for many purposes to accelerate your healing process, reduce pain, improve outcomes of surgical procedures, and generally improve your well-being and self confidence. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.


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