compression breast band

Compression Band After Breast Augmentation.

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A breast compression band helps providing support and stabilization of implants after breast augmentation. It usually is recommended when the implants are under the muscle.

It keeps the breast implants from migrating upwards. 

The upper breast (upper pole) fullness is more common with shaped breast implants (high profile implants under the muscle) because most of these implants are taller than they are wide. This abnormal, excessive upper pole fullness is particularly noticeable immediately after the implants were first put it. 

For patients who are required to wear a ‘band’ or ‘strap,’ it is normal to have a feeling of tightness during the first couple of days. However, following this time, patients get used to wearing their garment.  In fact, some patients find that they like their ‘band’ since it gives a feeling of stability and support.

Here is how you fit the breast band:

The breast band should be worn for at least 4 – 6 weeks depending on each patient. The surgeon will be able to advise you for how long you should wear it and if you need or not.

See below the macom® compression breast band size guide:


Back Size (inches)

Extra Small (XS)


Small (S)


Medium (M)


Large (L)


Extra Large (XL)


Extra Extra Large (XXL)


You can buy the breast band on the macom® online shop.

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