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macom® medical introduces new technology in its compression garment range.

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How analysis of patient recovery, aesthetic advancements and professional feedback led to macom’s Comfort-Line launch

macom have launched a new technology within the material used in their compression garment ranges. Following extensive research and listening to feedback from doctors, surgeons and nurses, who for decades have relied on compression garments to optimize surgical results, macom set out to find the ultimate fabric to further enhance post treatment outcomes.

The macom team has, for years, worked closely with professionals within the surgical and aesthetic industry, finding the most effective solutions to enhance patient results, simultaneously allowing macom to gather information on trends, and techniques that these professionals use. In recent years body contouring treatments have increased in popularity; surgical and non-invasive body sculpting solutions are popular with both men and women and these procedures, in almost all cases, involve swelling. It is a recognized fact that optimal compression levels reduce the swelling and the associated risks, speeding up the recovery time and ultimately enhancing results.

macom’s new fabric will have a smoother, velvety feel and a cooling sensation when in contact with the skin. The compression level remains the same as before as good compression is fundamental to reducing surgical complications, however, the soft-touch feel and smoother finish will follow the wearers’ movements more closely, allowing more flexibility. The soft-touch feel of the material, combined with the compression, provides a boost in lymphatic flow which is also beneficial to a patient during the recovering process.

The new fabric features movement technology, which means that the material mimics the wearers’ movements closely while lying flush against the skin, preventing any unwanted empty spaces or creases. The decision to replace the old fabric was partly due to the fact that patients have busy lives and often don’t stay motionless during the recovery process and therefore needed a garment that allowed for more movement but with no less compression thereby keeping the risks at bay. The one-way-lock stretch system built into the fabric technology delivers furhter improvement by ensuring that swelling is contained and stabilized. 

macom compression advantages

The new Comfort-Line remains discreet, seamless and elegant, helping patients to wear the garments properly and optimize treatment results.

The Comfort-Line is safe on even the most delicate or highly reactive of skin types and the material still holds the CE-mark, oeko-tex certification and all products are still free from both latex and nickel.

The new Comfort-Line is the perfect solution for all aesthetic procedures, ranging from invasive surgical options to non-invasive fat reducing treatments and even facial thread lifting.

According to rigorous patient tests and trials, the new Comfort-Line has the strength and power to withstand significant post surgical trauma but at the same time give the patient a real sense of comfort and flexibility, playing a significant role in pain relief.

We invite anyone interested to get in touch with macom medical for a demonstration of the new range and to find out how it can further optimize treatment results for clinics and hospitals.

About macom®

macom was founded over a decade ago. A team of dedicated post surgical specialists we have grown to become the leading provider of surgical compression garments in the UK and beyond. We dedicate our time to creating the perfect fitting and most comfortable of garments with artisan finesse while working closely with plastic surgeons, doctors, nurses and aestheticians, encouraging their feedback in a continual quest for improvement. macom garments provide optimal levels of compression to facilitate post operative lymphatic drainage, accelerate the healing process, minimise scarring and reduce the risk of post surgery complications such as infections, oedemas and haematomas.

The latest products brought to market by macom are the highly acclaimed CRYSTALSMOOTH®, cellulite busting leg wear, scientifically proven to reduce the signs of cellulite.

Check out all compression garments on macom® online shop.

“With the surgical and aesthetic market continually evolving in terms of new treatments and techniques, it is our duty to keep abreast of these changes and make sure that our products continue to enhance the outcomes of new treatments and protocols”  

Nadja Collin, Head of sales, macom® medical

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