macom® has on its range the slimming abdominal compression corset with adjustable eye hook fastening & boning. This corset cinches the abdomen and compresses the stomach.

macom® calls it WAISTSCULPTOR.

The WAISTSCULPTOR is very effective at producing the sought after hour-glass shape. The boning helps prevent the garment from rolling up or down. Ideal under a dress for that special occasion or simply worn every day with jeans.

The Technolgy:

The power of our body’s memory should not be underestimated, in the same way that the brain has a memory function, so too does the body. The WAISTSCULPTOR was initially developed for post-surgery purposes but due to its medical strength capabilities, adjustable fastenings and comfortable sewn-in boning it has been well received by aesthetic consumers and waist training devotees alike.

Waist training requires dedication and with daily wear the circumference of the abdomen will start to mimic the shape of the cincher, and once a desirable girth has been achieved, intermittent top-up wear may be required to maintain the results.

The WAISTSCULPTOR’s instant metamorphic effects serve as a LBD rescue remedy to get a body that looks like the wearer has been poured into their dress and forgotten to say ‘when’! It is safe for everyday use, seamless under clothing, for best results it is recommended to wear for 6 hours daily.





CRYSTALSMOOTH® loungerwear and WAISTSCULPTOR in clay
CRYSTALSMOOTH® loungerwear and WAISTSCULPTOR in clay


You can find the WAISTSCULPTOR on macom® online shop.


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