CRYSTALSMOOTH® anti cellulite range

Can you combine CRYSTALSMOOTH® with professional treatments?

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CRYSTALSMOOTH® are scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and can safely be combined with other professional aesthetic treatments aimed at improving body shape and smoothness.

CRYSTALSMOOTH® is a perfect treatment partner for any clinic offering cellulite or firming treatments, whether invasive or non-invasive. CRYSTALSMOOTH® will allow the patient to continue the treatment even after they have left the clinic.

CRYSTALSMOOTH® will complement all types of firming, fat destroying and cellulite reducing treatments such as Radiofreqency devices, mesotherapy injections, ultrasound technologies, Infrared, Laser and cavitation therapies. Velahape II/III, Cellulaze, 3D lipo, Exilis, Aqualyx are just a few of the brand names that are associated with CRYSTALSMOOTH® use.

You can find CRYSTALSMOOTH® on macom online shop and in several Pharmacies and Cosmetic Clinics.

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