CRYSTALSMOOTH® – anti cellulite range

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macom® has evolved from being the leading provider of post surgical compression garments supplying to cosmetic and plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors throughout the world to becoming the ‘go to’ company for all things shapewear related. The company is at the cutting edge of the aesthetics market by adopting Smart Textile technology in the manufacturing process as exemplified by their much lauded anti cellulite CRYSTALSMOOTH® range.

CRYSTALSMOOTH® anti cellulite

How it works

The human body emits energy all the time; while we are walking, sleeping, running, working etc. This energy is emitted in the form of heat in order to make our body and metabolism work efficiently. The bioactive crystals within CRYSTALSMOOTH® garments absorb this heat and in turn emit Far Infrared Rays which interact with the skin, stimulating blood microcirculation, and the associated skin care benefits. A smoother skin is the result, and fat lymph cells are unblocked –  the common cause of cellulite.



CS benefits

How often and how long should I wear them to see a result?

We recommend wearing CRYSTALSMOOTH® daily. For optimal results wear for 60 days/6 hours daily. This often includes sleeping in them. Most users will start to notice a result after 30 days. The slightest amount of physical activity increases the products’ effectiveness. The heat activated benefits are considerably accelerated when worn during exercise; worn for 60 minutes whilst working out is equivalent to 360 minutes (6 hours) of wearing whilst going about everyday tasks.

The more you wear them the better the results. This means you can wear them day and night.

CRYSTALSMOOTH® have been scientifically proven to treat cellulite and do not need to be worn in conjunction with professional cellulite and firming treatments to see results. As cellulite comes in various grades, some cases may benefit from combining CRYSTALSMOOTH® with professional treatments as they will significantly enhance the results.

CRYSTALSMOOTH® before and after

CRYSTALSMOOTH® have been worn for 60 consecutive days for 6h/daily.

The CRYSTALSMOOTH® range will include anti cellulite cycling shorts, leggings and loungewear.

Contraindications for use:

Not to be worn by pregnant women. No clinical studies have been undertaken in this particular area so we would strongly advise not to wear CRYSTALSMOOTH® when pregnant. 



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