The macom® Ultimate Guide to: Cosmetic Breast Surgery. Part 7: The Big Day

The macom® Ultimate Guide to: Cosmetic Breast Surgery. Part 8: The Big Day

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Every clinic, hospital and cosmetic surgeon will differ slightly in terms of what happens on your operation date but they should give you comprehensive instructions of what to expect before your big day.

Here are some general guidelines on what you should do before going into hospital:

Take a shower and wash your hair as you may not want to be raising your arms up high after your procedure

Do not apply any body moisturiser or deodorant on the day of your procedure

Clean your teeth but do not drink any water – you’ll probably have been told to not eat and drink 12 hours before arriving in hospital

Bring any medications with you to hospital

Do not wear contact lenses

Don’t put on any make-up or nail polish on the day of your operation

Don’t wear any jewellery and remove any body piercings

You will have been told to arrive at the clinic or hospital at a specific time on the day of your procedure, where you will then be admitted by the practice or ward nurse and
taken to the pre-surgical room. Pre-surgery photographs may be taken at that point.

You should be visited by your cosmetic surgeon who may mark you up prior to your cosmetic breast surgery procedure. You will also be seen by your anaesthetist and both they and the surgeon can answer any further questions you may have.

You will not be able to drive yourself home after your cosmetic breast surgery procedure so a trusted friend or family member should bring you to the hospital and be on hand to take you home when you have been discharged.

“If a patient comes in and is having second thoughts about their implant size, whether that’s going bigger or smaller, then that would be a reason to postpone surgery and I once cancelled an operation when the patient was in the anaesthetic room because they had a wobble over sizing.This is not a haircut, this is a big deal.”

Mr Marc Pacifico Mr Marc Pacifico, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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