The macom® Ultimate Guide to: Cosmetic Breast Surgery. Part 3 - Consultation

The macom® Ultimate Guide to: Cosmetic Breast Surgery. Part 3 – Consultation

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Your consultation is probably the most important stage of your cosmetic breast surgery journey.

At your consultation you should see the cosmetic surgeon that will be operating on you and who will provide all follow-up care. Prior to your consultation you may see a nurse or patient advisor to have an initial discussion of your expectations, but this should never be in place of a consultation with the cosmetic surgeon.

You should expect a frank and open discussion with your cosmetic surgeon about your concerns and aims.You should feel that your cosmetic surgeon understands exactly what changes you are hoping to achieve, but it’s sensible to keep an open mind, as they may have different advice.

They will perform a thorough physical examination to assess your ‘starting point’ in terms of your frame, dimensions and existing breast tissue and then they will give their opinion clearly about whether your expectations are realistic.

As well as the benefits, your cosmetic surgeon should explain precisely all the potential risks and complications associated with your specific cosmetic breast surgery procedure so you can make an informed decision.

If you feel that you are being put under any pressure to make a decision at this time then you should be prepared to walk away; a reputable cosmetic surgeon should give you a two week cooling off period and be prepared to answer any further questions you may have at a second consultation.

Top 10 Questions

  • Am I a good candidate for this type of cosmetic breast surgery and what are my alternatives?
  • How long have you been performing this particular procedure?
  • How many procedures do you perform a year?
  • If having a breast augmentation, which implants do you use and what’s their safety record?
  • What results can I expect and how long will they last?
  • What is your revision rate like and how would you deal with any possible complications?
  • Which hospital will my procedure be performed in?
  • What aftercare will I be offered?
  • Can I see before and after photographs of patients who have undergone a similar procedure?
  • Is it possible to speak to any of your past patients?

Do I need more than one consultation?

“There is no right answer to this. This is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make so you should invest time and consideration into your choice of surgeon. However, for a more straightforward procedure such as a breast augmentation then you don’t always need more than one opinion. If you find a surgeon that you hear good things about and you are happy with the consultation, in that the surgeon understands what you are hoping to achieve and they are clear about what is realistic and you’re both in agreement at that stage, then it is not always necessary to see another surgeon.

Trust is everything. If there isn’t trust, then it’s probably best not to proceed with that particular practitioner.”

Mr Marc Pacifico Mr Marc Pacifico, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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