The macom® Ultimate Guide to: Cosmetic Breast Surgery. Part 1 - The Perfect Breast

The macom® Ultimate Guide to: Cosmetic Breast Surgery. Part 1 – The Perfect Breast

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A few years ago, myself and a colleague Olivier Branford decided to establish whether there was an aesthetic breast ideal. Since our original research was published, we have carried out an extensive population study to see what the public at large feel about breast beauty and our paper on the subject recently won ‘Best International Paper Award’ from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

We produced a series of images of breasts, illustrating different proportions, and asked the public, in the largest study of its kind, to mark which was the most aesthetically appealing.The public’s response confirmed our original hypothesis about which breast shape was considered most attractive and, furthermore, it produced a powerful message that there is a universality about beauty.

It doesn’t matter your gender, your age, cultural or social background; overall, about 85% of the population chose the same breast shape.

This proportion has a 45:55 ratio, with the lower part of the breast slightly fuller below the nipple line, with a tight convex curve to the lower pole, the nipple pointing slightly upwards and the upper slope of the breast lying straight or mildly concave.

It certainly gives lie to the assumption that men and women like different things when it comes to breasts.

The response to our research has prompted us to produce a surgical guide on how to create these proportions. Using bio-dimensional planning, it’s the patient’s own anatomy that chooses the necessary surgical technique and, in the case of augmentation, the implant and placement of implant that is required.

The aim with a mastopexy or breast reduction procedure is no different, although it may be more challenging for the plastic surgeon. Their goal should always be to create these same proportions and you have to tailor your technique, depending on the patient’s individual anatomy.

There is more art than science in what the plastic surgeon does and the goal should always be to create beautifully natural breasts.

patrick malluci hires Mr Patrick Mallucci, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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